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A dedicated company that serves the garment and textile sector with a variety of fabrics and Garment Accessories..

Apparel Engineers designs, manufactures, and distributes Fabrics and Garment Accessories for the textile and garment market, with a focus on providing quality at reasonable prices. Formed in 2004, our company aims to build a reputation in the market by developing and delivering innovative range and outstanding services. Handled and managed by the founder Mr. Sanjay Kumar, the Ludhiana, Punjab (India) based Manufacturer, Importer & Supplier, supplies a variety of Transfer Stickers. Buttons, Labels, Cotton Tapes, Cotton Adhesive Tapes, and Patches. Our staff has years of team experience, which they capitalize in serving customers with the best.

Tackling Competition

In the present age of technology and globalization, a company cannot avoid competition. Every business in all industries face cut-throat competition from the other players in the market. Irrespective of the products that are sold or the services being provided, it is highly likely that similar products and services are offered by other companies too. Therefore, we have made 'dealing with competition' a crucial aspect of developing and implementing a successful business strategy.

Identifying & Analyzing Our Competition

The most important part of dealing with competitors is to know who they are and how their product is impacting the sales. Their product may or may not be similar to what we provide but it can be something which affects our market share by offering an alternative to what we offer. To maintain our market position, we focus on improving our products and propose better offers.

Our Efforts In Improving Our Range

We do not stop at offering the quality with what we have offered in the beginning. We research and study market, and on the basis of the research results, we revise our range of Fabrics and Garment Accessories.

Our Process

The range of garment accessories, like patches and labels we provide is developed following different steps, some of them are mentioned below:
  • We maintain an inventory of resources needed
  • In-house printing and embroidery work
  • High-tech machinery for manufacturing products in bulk
  • Cutting and finishing the products in desired sizes
  • Inspection of random pieces fro the batch produced
  • Packaging of quality approved goods in quality packaging material